Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax

Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax is a natural and renewable resource obtained from palm oil.

The process is tedious but the beauty of palm candles make it worthwhile.

Firstly, it has to be steam-distilled before being hydrogenated (which means hardened) into wax.

The entire process does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals, which makes it safe for our customers, who eventually light the candles at the comfort of their homes. 

Subsequently, we ensure that our candles made from the palm-wax are safe and reliable in the absence of any toxic or harmful materials.

The beautiful crystallized texture on the surface of the palm candles only appear when hand poured at specific temperatures.

To bring out the true beauty of this natural candle, we repeat the meticulous process on each and every candle that we make.

Our natural palm candles burn clean and do not create soot when lighted.

It lasts longer than paraffin waxes so that you can enjoy our the goodness of our candles for a longer span.

Lastly, because of its dry and tough texture, it does not melt or give way easily even in the perpetually warm climate in Singapore.

Wait no longer, light up your room with elegance using Sally's Room Natural Palm Wax Candles.