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Currently we have 12 types of scent for you to choose from, we intend to bring in more in the near future.

So stay tuned to Sally's Room facebook page (www.facebook.com/sallysroom.sg) for more updates!


Floral & Sweet – Cherry Blossom (2017 Spring Edition), Bed of Roses, Blackcurrant, Marry Me

Citrus & Fruity – Sake, Citrus Heaven, Poire 

Fresh – Peppermint Herb,  Green Tea (For Diffuser Only)

Comfort – Snowy Night

Woody – Scandinavian Woodlands 

Perfume type – Virgin Island Water

All Soy Candles at Sally's Room are handmade with natural soy wax and high quality fragrance oil.

In order to induce a strong and tempting scent into our candles, we insist on only using premium fragrance oil from a scent maker in Switzerland (a renowned supplier for branded perfumes / cosmetics) for all our scented candle products.

Now, you may enjoy luxurious, tantalizing scent in your homes with Sally's Room's candles.

1. Floral & Sweet


<<Cherry Blossom >>

Cherry Blossom

Blended of : Hint of Almond, Cherry Blossom, Morning Dew and Fresh Musk 


<<Bed of Roses>>

Fresh Cut Roses(300x300)

Blended of : Bergamot, Delicate Freesia, Fresh Cut Roses, White Musk




Blended of : Blackberry Leaves, Vital Cranberry, Rose Bouquet, Tropical Foliage


<<Marry Me>>

Marry Me


Blended of : Jasmine Tea, White Peach, Rose & Magnolia, Silky Musks

2. Citrus & Fruity

<<Citrus Heaven>>

Orange & Grapefruit


Blended of : Orange Pulp, Grapefruit Zest, Blood Orange and Star Fruit


<<Sake >>


Blended of : Juicy Peach, Hint of Spices, White Tea and Sake Flower




Blended of : Juicy Pear, Freesia, Climbing Rose, Subtle Amber

3. Fresh & Natural

<<Peppermint Herb>>

Peppermint Herb

Blended of : Lemongrass, Basil & Aromatic Herbs, Fresh Mint and Boxwood


<<Green Tea>>

Green Tea

The scent of green tea is refreshing and soothing, an excellent choice for rejuvenation especially in the morning.

Blended of : Splash of Bergamot, Soft Jasmine, Green Tea Leaves and Aloe Vera 


 4. Comfort

<<Snowy Night>>

Baby Powder 

Blended of : Clean & Airy, Orange Bloom, Delicate Rose and Powdery Musk


 5. Woody

<<Scandinavian Woodlands>>

Scandinavian Woodlands

Blended of : Mistletoe, Pine Cones, High Sequoias and Fir Balsam


6. Unique & Perfume type

 <<Virgin Island Water>>

Virgin Island Water

Blended of : Citrus Cocktail, Ginger and Jasmine



For more details or any inquiries,  please contact us at enquiries@sallysroom-sg.com. Feel free to share your favorite scent with us in the comment box below!


  1. Hi, I would like to check out are you shipping to Malaysia. If yes, what will be the shopping price? Anticipating your reply. Thanks.

    • Hi Zhenlynn, thanks for your enquiry! Yes, we do ship internationally and we have responded to your request via email. Please check your mailbox to see if you have received it 🙂

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  4. One of the reasons why I’m such a huge fan of Sally Room is because of the fragrances offered. They are so unique and pleasant.

    Garden Party/ Light / Sweet and relaxing/ Fortunately, it’s not too overpowering nor does it have a synthetic smell to it. Perfect to accompany my reading session as I unwind.

    Virgin Island Water/ Strong/ Fresh and rejuvenating/It reminds me of my time on the cruise, wind blowing in my hair.

  5. The candles from Sally’s room is really pleasant and it always gives me a sense of calm even when I’m stressed out!

    Green tea / Moderate / Gives me a really comfortable place and a really clear mind to study for the upcoming exams!

    Sake / Moderate / A really sweet scent that puts my heart at ease and relaxes me!

  6. I bought the fresh cut roses candle and the scent is simply alluring! The scent is strong but not overpowering..a whiff of it perks me up instantly.. Not to mention, it comes in an attractive glass jar, Sally’s room has an impeccable service..what’s not to like about it!

  7. I caught a whiff of the sake candle while I was walking around an event. Stopped me in my tracks and I could not leave without buying it. BEST DECISION EVER. This candle smells like yummy juicy peaches. I bought the wooden wick version that burns quickly enough to get my entire room smelly wonderful in a matter of moments. Smells lovely, and the best part is that there was no soot. Got to love Sally’s room candles. Went back for more at the next event, obviously. You’ve got a die-hard fan right here ^^

    Sake/Moderate/Fresh and Juicy/Lifts my mood each time I light it up

    • Hello, thanks for getting in touch with us and sincere apologies for the late response. It’s blending of Jasmine Tea, White Peach and Lemon. Feel free to let us know if you have any other enquires. Thanks!

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