Candle Making Materials

We are pleased to inform that candle making materials are available on our website! 1. Candle Wax Natural Candle Wax Soy Wax Palm Wax Bees Wax1) Soy Wax Soy wax is natural candle wax that is suitable for scented candle as its handling temperature is relatively lower.  Type 1 [Soy Wax for Container Candle] – […]


Travel Diaries – Santorini Day 1

Hello readers! We apologize for this a long overdue post as our trip to Santorini was dated one and a half years ago! Nevertheless, part of our plan for this year is to step up on our effort on travel blogging, not because that is what we are good at, but rather for the benefit […]


DIY Candle Making

Candle Making DIY Kit Inside the Kit: Soy wax 200g, Fragrance Oil 20ml, Cotton Wick (10cm x 2), Wick Sustainer & Sticker x 2 You will need: 250ml Glass Jar (Recommended Diameter between 7-8cm), Metal container for melting soy wax, Thermal plate (or pot for double boiling), Thermometer  Step 1: Fix the wick on the […]

Message Candle Making

Give your loved ones a pleasant surprise!  Make your own soy wax candle and hide a secret message underneath.  Inside the Kit: Soy Wax 60g & 20g, Fragrance Oil 7ml, Cotton Wick, Wick sustainer and Sticker, Tin Container, Message Paper You will Need: Metal beaker for melting the soy wax, Thermal plate or pot for […]

wooden wick notice

A must-see for wooden wick candle users!

Dear Customers, thanks for your overwhelming support over the past weekend at the Public Garden event. It has been a great success and it could not have been possible without you. Unfortunately, two of our valued customers have given feedback that they have experienced problems with lighting our wooden wick candles. We are currently checking […]

Bouquet Candle

Candle Making Course – Photos

Candle Making Course This is where we share some of the photos taken during our candle making course to help you get a better idea of how it feels like to participate in one! If you wish to find out more information about our class programs and fees, click here to read more or book […]

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Sally’s Room Pop-Up Store Notice

For those of you who wish to try our scent, we have 2 pop-up store in Singapore!    1. Orchard, Lucky Plaza #B1-72 (1pm-8pm, closed on Sundays)   Available Scents: Classic Soy ($25.00): Sake / Baies / Cherry Blossom / Orange & Grapefruit / Peppermint Herb / Green Tea / Baby Powder / Scandinavian Woodlands / […]

Owl Clay

Scented Clay Ornament Give-Away

It’s our birthday month but we are giving out gifts instead! Simply share your comments on our scents and get our new scented clay ornament for free!   How to participate: 1. Visit at our website and click Info Hub – Our Fragrances ( 2. Leave your comments on our scent using the following format: […]